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True shit, though,

Weed should be a regulated anti-depressant. 

I’m gonna tell you a short story. 

I have random phases where I can just drop down and be depressed. I don’t know why, but I become overly sensitive over the simplest things and I will become a recluse.

The year 2010 had to have been my worst year. I dropped out of college for a while, and had to work to live. I got fired at a serving job I loved over some bullshit (explain later) and started another job that was pretty shitty. I had to wait for bi-weekly paychecks. With the bills I had to pay, I barely had money most of the time.

I got to a really really low-point where I thought of things I haven’t since the 9th grade, like suicide, and why I’m worthless. When I was left home alone, I would sit in silence and just break down crying. The house I lived in never really left much time to yourself to think.

Everything got better when 2011 rolled around, but I still had the mood swings.

This year, my ex-boyfriend and I had a “complicated” relationship this past February, but he introduced me to this lifestyle. For a LONG time, I’ve been so against it.

Ever since, I haven’t had a mood swing before yesterday in a LOOONG while. I’ve been the most optimistic and friendly person anyone has seen in a while. I now have dreams, ambitions, and a plan for life. 

So to everyone who says weed is bad for you:

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